Friday, 1 July 2016



Very shaky day today physically but slightly better mentally. Managed to go into Harborough on my own to meet a friend for a coffee. Stuart will be a valuable ally going forward as he is, and almost always has been tee-total. 

The urge for a drink has been fairly strong for most of the day today, so thrown myself into some cooking again. Two loaves of bread for the weekend and a chilli chutney hot enough to provide sufficient energy to power a small town for a week.  

The urges today have given me an idea of how things will be going forward. Its always there at the back of my mind, just have to make sure it stays at the back. I need to get more defence mechanisms in place or my cake and bread mountain will only be scalable by Ranulph Fiennes.

Big nerves about the family do tomorrow. Mid-afternoon into early evening. A few family members I have not met before causing a little anxiety at the thought of no alcoholic crutch to support me through the day. Plenty to do in the kitchen though to take my minds off things.

My idea for a separate blog to run aside this to show the problems and tribulations of living with someone with a drink or other addiction problem seems to be popular. I`d like to try to keep this not too heavy but informative as I hope this is. If you have any ideas or fancy writing something for this, please email me and I`ll see if I can get the ball rolling next week.

On another matter it seems that some people are experiencing difficulties leaving comments on here. I have changed a few settings that will hopefully sort this out. If some of you could comment a few words so I can check that would be most appreciated. You can comment any old rubbish if you like as I don’t have to publish on here. I know a couple of you tried last night to no avail, please try again or email your comments direct.

Anyway, must go, I have a rather large piece of beef to contend with.


  1. Well done Jon! It's not an easy path. I admire your resolve.

  2. You are doing great Jon, hope all is going well today.

    Keep strong and keep up the good work.

    All the best.


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