Sunday, 3 July 2016



160 odd hours dry.

Wobbly morning again, head still full of clouds but in general not too bad. 

Some family still here for the day today so had a walk into town for a coffee and a look at the sights, we also visited Beerhouse. We were passing so we thought we`d give it a go. Glass of lemonade sitting outside, not too bad. Strange feeling being in there even briefly but great to say hello to a few friends and Brad the barman. Brad has been there since pretty much day one so always great to have a proper catch up. Coming away sober was a very strange feeling indeed.

Barbecue leftovers for tea then fond farewell as the last stragglers depart for home. 

That`s three big achievements in two days. A big family do, a barbecue and a visit to Beerhouse all completely sober. As much as I know it to be utter bollocks my mind still tells me I would have had so much more fun at each occasion with a skinful of beer. 

I think the pub visit may have been a little too soon, the smell as soon as I entered stirred far too many memories, looking at the choice of beers available I promptly decided that I should try at least one of each (of course didn`t). I think if I had been on my own in a strange pub that would have been it. Common sense now tells me to avoid as many alcohol vendors as humanly possible for the time being. At least I know I can be comfortable in social situations where there is no alcohol present.

As this blog reaches out further and to more people I receive more and more comments here and also direct messages on Facebook. The majority are lovely words of encouragement from people who have been or are in a similar position. But….I have also been receiving a few very negative messages. “You think you have a problem,” “Stop whinging and get on with it” Seem to be fairly common. Another common one is asking for facts and figures on my alcohol intake in the past. This is irrelevant, no matter how large or small your intake is if it has a negative impact on your life or the lives of others around you there is a problem. Luckily I have fairly thick skin and wont rise to the goading of the keyboard warrior. 

Whilst on the subject of messages I have had a few from people who have had to deal with addiction from the other side. Tomorrow I intend to try to write something about a couple of these. If I get it right it could be interesting reading. If you have a story about living with an addict, be it drugs, alcohol, food or any other subject that you think could be useful to others please feel free to share in the comments or email to

Anyway, I`m knackered after such a busy two days and full of beef, chicken and sweet fizzy soft drinks so I must now go and try to sleep. Wish me luck.


  1. They say, "one day at a time." I say, "Since right now." You'll make it moment to moment and that's all that matters. I can assure you that you have nothing to lose in sobriety and absolutely everything to gain. I'll look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing, Chris

  2. Morning Jon, Karen sitting here on night shift reading blog, Well done so far but I Hv to agree bout going to beerhouse way too soon, it is with regret I tell you to stay away as far & as much as poss !!!!this is coming from a very dry & happy alcoholic !!! I dropped most of my friends, visits to pubs/ bars/partied ect in order to achieve this ( got it all back tho ) with patience and dignity . I gained my strength daily in using these tools, I keep s tool bag in my shed ( head) and pull them out when I need to eg : social occasions , I told everyone I was recovering and to please be respectful of my wishes not to drink alcohol !!! My life !!! My rules !!! There's no need for you to Hv pressure put on . Your rules Jon only your rules !!!!! Stick with it mate your doing good , if it has to be moment by moment so be it it will get wider the gap , hrs by hrs ect , I know exactly where your coming from. Keep going and when the going gets tough !!! Bake lol by the way you will probably secumb to the sweet tooth this is you replacing the sugar you are losing from alcohol ( as you already know) . Thinking of you often
    Kindred Karen xxx


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