Saturday, 2 July 2016



Well what a lovely day.

I`ll skip the boring morning details, pretty much the same as yesterday. Woke up to the smell of a chunk of beef that had been cooking for 8 hours. If that’s not a reason to get up then I don’t know what is. Threw myself 100% into preparing food for our family do, found chopping has to be executed with the utmost care as the shakes make knife work a little unpredictable. Still suffering with the short attention span, had to do a little work then wander off round the garden or have a sit down for a while to stop the mind from wandering. Still, somehow managed to produce a huge bowl of homemade slaw, a tropical fruit and veg salsa, and some amazing pulled beef. In fact, here’s a picture of some of it all on a homemade roll.

My idea of a second blog to run alongside this for stories from people who have had to deal with addiction of any sort from the other side seems to be gaining a little momentum. Some ideas coming in via facebook, I may try to start this next week. Be interesting to see some opinions from people who have had to live with an addict. If you wish to leave a comment on here for this second blog idea or message me on facebook please feel free. Please bear in my mind I am trying to keep this all fairly upbeat and positive, to show there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how faint.

This week so far has been made so much easier by the support from so many friends who offered to give up something for the week as a mark of support. If any of you would like to share a few words about your experience and allow me to put it on here it would make very interesting reading I think.
Here’s one facebook post that really touched me this week from Gail, one of the “abstainers”

Comments on here seem to be working ok now, if you are one of the folk on Facebook that mentioned that you couldn’t post please try again.

Managed to get right through past 7 o’clock tonight before I even thought about a drink, keeping busy is definitely the answer. Tomorrow my meds drop again, so we`ll have see how that goes. 

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