Thursday, 30 June 2016



Short post today as not much has happened, which I suppose is a good thing.
Woke up wobbly again after a better night’s sleep. Light headed and ever so slightly unsteady on my feet. Pronounced shakes still for the best part of the day, takes a lot of concentration to do stuff involving sharp hot or pointy objects. Against my better judgement I managed to get the lawn cut and still be in possession of all my toes.

Visit from the nurse this afternoon, she seemed happy with my progress so far, and confident for the rest of the detox. Come 5 oclock most days I will confess I still crave a drink, something that will probably never leave me, so looking at changes in routine to take this trigger point away. This is where the couch to 5k idea could help so much, also switching dog walking times and even just popping out with my camera. 

Been baking again today, Treacle and Ginger cake, only about 10000000 calories a portion but by crikey its tasty. Also made a load of bread rolls, ready for the family at the weekend. Lovely fresh bread to soak up all the juices from the 12 hour slow cooked Brisket we will be enjoying along with all the cakes. That reminds me, must dry rub my meat tonight. *Sniggers* This will be the first large social event we have attended where I will be totally dry. Luckily we are at home and everyone else will also be dry so everything should be ok. If the anxiety levels creep up too high I can escape for a while to regroup.

That’s about it for today, one thought I have been having is running another blog alongside this one so others can share their experiences. Maybe get some input from people who live or have lived with someone with a drink problem, get some perspective from the other side. If it can all be kept with a view to help and inform then I think it could become a useful tool.

What do you think?

More Tomorrow.

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