Tuesday, 28 June 2016

AD 1


Took my last daily meds about 10.30 last night and into bed about 11.30 ish. Terrible night’s sleep, waking a lot and very unsettled. Got a few hours early morning and woke at 8.00 with the most monumental hangover, which seems a bit unfair. It would seem that this is a common effect on the first few days of taking Librium. Soon cleared up though, right as rain by mid-morning. Lounged around for an hour or two then off up into town for the group. Not a brilliant turnout this week, two of us and three councillors. It varies from 0 to 7 or 8 weekly. This week we discussed Cost Benefit Analysis. Measuring the Advantages and disadvantages of using vs not using. It was an interesting exercise. We use this simple chart

I`d rather not completely show what was written at the group, some was personal to those present, but you should get the idea from the few I`ve added. It’s an interesting exercise to complete for your preferred drug, if you have one. We filled in as many examples in each quarter as possible, then decided whether these were short or long term things. A good tool to help justify just how much better you are without your preferred substance


As I mentioned last night I am receiving a huge amount of support over on Facebook. I was very worried that when I started this project that it would be hijacked by the Facebook “U ok Hun” brigade, or even worse the “Pull yourself together man and get on with it” crew, or worse still, the “you think you`ve got problems do you?” lot. This was never meant for pity, more about a vent for myself and hopefully a place to start a little discussion about understanding addiction. So far this is exactly what is happening. It`s proving to be a great help to myself and if it has even the slightest effect on others then all the better. At first I found my addiction so hard to discuss with anyone, but since starting this and getting my cards firmly on the table verbal communication has been made a lot more comfortable. Here are one or two screenshots from some of the conversations, just in case you aren’t a Facebooker. 


Tomorrow I`ll tell the story of Beerhouse, a huge part of my life for a while and the reasoning behind the incredibly difficult decision to leave my job there. I`ve been meaning to write about this for quite a while, but as usual have been putting it off. 

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