Wednesday, 29 June 2016



Fair night’s sleep last night, bit of a lie as feeling a bit groggy. Today I found out two of the best things being dry for a couple of days:

1)First wee of the morning is much more aromatic
2)Solid stools

Unlike yesterday I awoke absolutely hangover free this morning, which is nice. Also completely off my box on lithium which is also nice. Every cloud etc. This is caused by the cumulative effect of the meds as they build up daily in my body. Took a few hours to motivate myself because of the fuzzy head, but as the dosage gradually reduces through the week this should improve. Managed a quick trip to the shops under Sarah`s supervision then home for my visit. Councillor seems very happy with my progress, pleased that we are managing to get out and about a little and also with my general mood.

To fight my rapid lethargy/ hyper swings I decided baking was once again the answer. We have family coming round at the weekend so stocking up on cakes today. Another lemon drizzle as the last one wasn’t brilliant and a chocolate marble cake prepared. Tomorrow it’s a treacle and ginger cake and loads of bread rolls for the pulled beef we will be preparing. For the cake I had to make stem ginger so the house now smells amazing. Still finding it hard to settle but at least I`ve stopped baking today.

As some of you know I played a large part in the setting up of Beerhouse, an incredibly successful micropub in Market Harborough. Nearly two years in and it’s the best venue for real and craft ales for miles.

The idea started on regular meetings with my friend Ivan, talking about how we could do so much better than all the pubs in Harborough, from a real ale point of view. After much deliberation and cogitation suitable premises were located and the ball was in motion.  I ran the very successful social media campaign for the launch, designed the layout of the pub, designed logos and slogans and engineered a buzz in the local media. Launched in December 2014 the place was an immediate success. 12 ever changing cask beers, several craft kegs and a huge bottle range taking the town by storm.

Beerhouse has gone from strength to strength but unfortunately has been a part of my downfall. After a long tough decision making process I decided that the two of us could no longer co-exist. Early March I decided that I could no longer maintain my position there and after a long talk with MD Ivan decided I should resign. This was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, but I know it was the right one. I am still extremely proud that I took the pub to the very successful place it is now, and to still be a shareholder. I hope you lot look after my baby for me!

Apparently tomorrow I can expect the worst of my shakes and also some extreme sweating. I`ll lt you know how this goes

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